A good friend of mine has asked me to make a new band with him and i really like the sound of it, Just drums bass and vocals, the vocalist is going to play a little guitar but the idea is to have a sort of 'lead bass'. Similar to Death from above 1979.

Obviously im going to need to get hold of some effects and ive been wanting to get some for a while but now i have an excuse to spend the money and get some!

Really i just want suggestions on what effects i could buy and what might be useful? Im thinking of getting a EHX Big Muff, and maybe and Octave pedal but im kinda stumped after that...
If you have money to kill, then you should try out the more expensive pedals. I recommend though, buying the behringer triple pack for bass. It's around $75 and it includes a chorus, a distortion and a limiter/enhancer. The bassist in my band uses it and it sounds awesome, especially the chorus.
I'll check out some reviews for it now and i dont have money to kill, but im willing to spend money on a pedal if i can justify the use im gunna get out of it, i have quite abit of money saved and bass playing and bands are my only real hobbies so i dont mind spending the money tbh
I've looked into envelope filters before and i cant really see where i would use one, i mean they are great fun to play around with, but i cant really see one fitting into the style of music i play...

As for chorus, that seems like a good idea, i'll check them out
There are quite a few pedals out there and people seem to prefer different ones so I think you're best just going and having a look for yourself.

The best advice I could give you is you can find some bargains on used gear. I have quite a few pedals and most of them I've picked up used so I haven't had to spend too much.

I personally wouldn't recommend the Behringer triple pack. The chorus is decent but my limiter/enhancer has pretty much never been used. Haven't used the distortion so I can't really comment on it. I think if you did get it though you'd end up upgrading your chorus and distortion pretty soon after.
Im not a big fan of multi effects, they tend to annoy me and are never as good as buying the pedals separately... Also, i will go and try out a bunch of pedal but the nearest big guitar shop to me is a good 1 hour drive so i just wanna get some ideas on what people recomend and stuff before i go
If you want to get that HUGE distorted sound like the guys in DFA, I'd recommend trying a BOSS LS-2 & using it to blend two different distortion pedals that work well one bass, maybe an EHX Bass Big Muff (in bass boost, or blend mode) & a BOSS MD-2 (works pretty well n bass IIRC) or a Blackstar HT-DistX (sounds AWESOME).

After getting a nice distortion sound sorted, the world's your oyster, maybe give some modulation a go (personally I'm a fan of phasers on bass), delay & wahs/filters are two things I like to mess around with on bass, aswell as octavers.
Quote by SamWhiteBASS
i just wanna get some ideas on what people recomend and stuff before i go

Here's what I have on my pedal board and my opinion on each, might be useful.

1. Tuner - my personal favourite pedal.

2. Distortion - always useful to have as part of your setup, I have an EHX big muff and a Boss ODB-3. I like them when I'm messing around on my own but in a full band I don't really use either of them as much as I thought I would when I bought them.

3. Chorus - always a good pedal to have, used way more than I expected.

4. Flanger - I like having it but I wouldn't be in a massive rush to replace it if anything happened.

5. Delay/Reverb - I have a cheap behringer delay/reverb and I love using the reverb settings when I'm messing around on my own. Never used as part of a band though.

First 3 on my list if I were you would be tuner, chorus and distortion. With tuner and chorus there are plenty of good ones out there and any of them would probably be okay. Distortion/overdrive is more about personal preference, bassists use all sorts of ones, there's even some designed for guitar that will sound great. Don't rush into getting one until you find one you like.

Edit: Where are you from? UK?
Bass big muff, bass wah, a chorus, maybe a delay like a dd-3, and octave up/down
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