Should we use our growing scientific understanding of the basis of human morality to try to make people morally better?

What are your opinions Pit? Would you take a pill to live a morally better life? Do you think others should do so if it improves society? Should morality be imposed on us in the first place?
other people should, not me though

they should have a pill that makes everyone's morals the same as mine, it would be a perfect world
I get an Aldous Huxley dystopian feel from this. On one hand, like one of the first posts, imposed morality isn't morality - on the other hand - If this could be used to "cure" people of thoughts or illnesses they don't want to have (Murderers, Rapists, Child Molesters, etc.) then I think that could be a viable option.

However, something this complex, altering the way the human brained has been operating its whole life - will almost certainly not go off perfectly or even that well in its first applications.

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How the hell would this work? It wouldn't work on people who flat out lack morality because they're missing some wiring in their brain.
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Since this is a moral question, why don''t we take the pill first and decide after?

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What is morality? Is it objective, or subjective? Is the morality of an action judged by its consequences?
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Morally right according to whom?

Whatever society you are part of right now.
The biggest issue with this is that morality is purely arbitrary and completely subjective. Humans are not inherently moral creatures in the sense that one raised without any instruction in morality (by example, by training, or by education), said child would not meet most of our society's standards for morality. For example, most children have to be taught to share and that fighting isn't always the best solution to every problem. Our concept of maturity vs. immaturity is built entirely around our social concepts of morality.

Looking at how many different societies exist and what kind of divergent views exist even in societies that are guided by the same general principles, a morality pill makes no sense. How can you chemically influence someone to perform specifically as your society demands? That makes no sense to me at all.

We might say here that it might be good in rehabilitating pedophiles and murderers, but in some cultures, it is or has been acceptable to become sexually involved with children and to compete for resources unto the death of one's competitor. Those views and others aren't ones which I support, but they do point to obvious social and moral differences between human societies. What we consider to be acceptable (something small like holding hands in public) might be considered to be way out of line in another culture (like in some Arabic countries).

Society is built around concepts of morality that can wildly diverge. Countless examples exist of this divergence. Hence, morality is subjective, not absolute, and thus cannot be regulated chemically.
God has established within me a certain set of principles that I try hard to live my life by. With his gospel, and a solid base of friends around me, I'm always confident in my choices. I live for Jesus because he died for me, so to show my gratitude I honor him with my actions.
I haven't forgotten the last time we tried to scientifically engineer a tamer species of an otherwise entirely evil creature.

The last thing this earth needs is the scientific creation of the Killer Human.
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Morally right according to whom?
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I'm strictly moral for my own reasons.

Should other people be made to take one?

Nah, their shiteness makes me look better.
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I actually think some people who know they are psycopathic but have not had it "triggered" or w/e would want to do this
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The biggest issue with this is that morality is purely arbitrary and completely subjective.

Morality can be observed to diverge drastically without being as a matter of fact subjective, and similarly even if subjective that doesn't make it purely arbitrary.

I'd agree really that essentially all value and morality is subjective, but it can be observed being different in many cultures without having to conclude "thus it is entirely subjective" - you could still uphold that some cultures are just wrong.
But yes obviously the issue is even if you uphold that there is one correct morality, how do you discern which one it is? Of course most people just assume it is their own.
It's just a sugar pill. Someone would only take this if they truly desire to become morally better, which is something they're entirely capable of doing on their own if the desire is already there.
I'm rgrockr and I do not approve of this message.
Humans can't create a pill that magically gives you morals, morals come from God and religion. If anybody knows their ancient history of how people normally acted before major religions came about, most people didn't have the same morals that we have now. Human life wasn't considered above all else back then like it is now.

And no, technology and a society advancing has nothing to do with it, all it gave us was a better way to kill and hurt each other.

People are not born with morality, it's learned and taught, hence, not genetic.
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Life is short, **** morals. They just limit people.

No, dicks like you limit people. Morality can just be seen as a trade-off if you'd still like your very self-centered view: if you start saying that murder is fine, you could very quickly be killed yourself; if you start saying stealing is fine, you will very quickly find that people steal all your shit and that people don't bother making stuff in the first place.

Without morals or laws you wouldn't find yourself unlimited, you'd find yourself sitting in a hole full of mud crying and getting kicked the shit out of by the stronger fellas with big sticks.
i dont believe in "objective" morals, all our sense of morality is determined externally rather than set innately anyways
Morality is subjective.
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