Recently I had to get the action lowered on my acoustic; the luthier simply sanded down the bridge piece and that seems to do the trick. Currently its strung for medium strings.

Lately I've been really trying to work on barre chords and the like and I'm finding (as a novice guitar player) that barre's on my guitar are really quite difficult.

I know this because I was recently playing a guitar strung with lights and the difference was absolutely staggering as far as ease of play, although this was on an Alvarez that was probably twice the cost of my Fender.

I'd like to drop down from Mediums to Lights, but I was wondering if this is going to cause an issue with the action since its setup for Mediums.

Guitar is a Fender DG8S, nothing fancy, I've got Elixir Mediums on it.
might need a small adjustment but might not

another thing you could try is tune the guitar down a step or two, less tension, easier fretting
we've gone from lights to extra lights on a lot of guitars. some needed a slight truss rod tweak, some didn't. i expect it could go either way going from mediums to lights, too.
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