Hi guys,

Against Atlas is a 5 piece Hard Rock band from Boston. We range in influence from Between the Buried and me to Bjork and we're just about to release our first EP.

We're based in Boston, MA and are working on booking a bunch of gigs in the area for August and beyond.

I wanted to share the tracks "Trainwreck" and "Waiting" from the EP with all of you. They're available on these sites, and there's also a behind-the-scenes studio video on our youtube page.

UG Profile:




Let us know what you think, we'd love to hear from you!

Chris and Against Atlas
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Thanks for the reviews! "Waiting": very good audio quality & singing (and vocal melodies)! Not sure how to classify this, sounds part alternative, part classic rock to me, also part progressive at times. Guitar & bass playing and riffs are all quite good! Drums sound very good too! Surprised by the keyboards, they sound good too. This song sounds radio worthy to me! "Trainwreck": rockin' guitar riffs! Once again, the vocals are very good, as is everything else on this song! It's very difficult to make money in the music biz, but you guys sound quite professional.
Thanks for the listen and kind words!
I'll relay them to the other guys. Let me know anytime you have new tracks posted =)
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Your recordings are sounding great. Keep it up!

I've been hearing a bit about you guys, and I'm definitely down to check out a show when I get back to Boston in September. I'd love to hear how you guys sound live, and we are always looking for more prog bands to play with. Say hi to Tom from me and Sulene (we had a Jon Finn class together).

Hope to see you soon!
Haha Elijah dude, were we in Jimmy Page Lab together!?!?

Thanks for givin' them a listen. I've been meaning to see Helicopria but was out of town for that show you guys had with Ben Levin Group. Let me know when you're back in Boston and we'll get some shows booked!

Take it easy!

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Album release date is now officially set for August 5th!

Check out our pages for more details.


Chris and Against Atlas
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