I unscrewed the jack mounting plate and found one of two wires have been disconnected. i was thinking soldering the wire onto the jack myself would be the best option to repair it (without hacing to pay someone else to do it) but i don't think theres enough slack in the wires to allow me to pull the jack out fully and do the soldering. i'm afriad of breaking anything else inside the guitar so want to tread carefully. the guitar backplate is on the other side of the guitar away from the jack, would the backplate usually play any role in allowing you to repair the jack

Any info on the best way to repair a jack on a guitar such as this would be greatly appreciated
Take the back plate off and see how much slack you have? or you could just tug lightly on the wire. If you do break anything, it will probably just be the wire for the input jack.
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Not sure how the guitars wired, but you should have enough slack to resolder the wires, since someone obviously did it the first time around. Try opening the other cavity up and seeing if the wires are tied in a bundle or soemthing.