Hey gang,
Couldn't find a better place to ask for advice on wireless microphones, I'll just call them an accessory to my guitar LOL!

First thing, I know VERY little about wireless microphones, however, I'm the guy that has to do all the research for gear LOL. Anywho...Our lead vocalist can get quite animated, and we thought it would be fun to let him "off the leash" and get him a wireless mic.

So looking at the usual sports for research (i.e. GC) I have found wireless systems from $49, to $6999!

This band is playing at what you might call "pub level" occasionally playing a bigger hall with more stage room. No HUGE stages but some of them are quite sizable...an outdoor show from time to time as well.

Being at this level, and also NOT being made of money OR in this to actually profit from playing yet. We would like to keep the price low, but I'm always of the mindset to get just a little more than you need...it's nice to have a cushion. If we play a stage 20 yards wide (high end of what we normally play) I want to make sure we have 30 yards of static free performance.

I'd like to know if there is something of a performance price point to get into something 1/2 way decent. My initial guess would be somewhere around the $200-$250 range?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

EDIT: found this, sounds promising... comments?
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