I have an Epiphone Les Paul Special II and lately the volume knob is very loose. Whenever it is moved, even by a small bit, the sound gets cut off and I have to keep moving it around so the sound will come back. Then, it cuts off again and I have to start the whole process over again. I can't play guitar like this and it is really bothering me because I can't practice anymore and I'm becoming worse everyday...
Take it to your local guitar store, they will fix it.
I have that guitar too, and it will do that over time. Im sure someone here would help you find a free solution because getting it fixed at the guitar store does cost a little. But thats what i recommend
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Look in the control cavity and see if the wiring is all good. You may need to resolder it onto the pot. The looseness just means that the nut that tightens it down is loose and is easily fixable.
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Sounds like the nut fell of the volume pot and it's moving around in the cavity. Just screw the nut back on the pot and get it tight, should solve your problem.

I know in Les Paul style guitars, they like to use that grounded braiding wire, so if a pot is moving around, and makes contact with the ground wire when it shouldn't, could cause your problems.

It's a simple fix really, if that's what it is.
What methods have you tried to remove the knob? Most are just push on, and they can be pulled off. However, the standard Epi knobs have nothing to grab when you're pulling, so it can be tricky. Also, they get really tight if you aren't pulling straight. Slide a couple really thin screwdrivers under the knob, one on each side. Wrap them in paper first so you dont scratch anything. Twist them to lift the knob straight off. You can do the same thing with one screw driver, switching sides several times.