What is the effect that Gerard Way (singer) uses at 0:42? It sounds cool, and I never learned what it was called.

And yes, I know...it's My Chemical Romance. It's the only song I could think of that uses this off the top of my head. I like them, personally. I know not everyone does.

Holy crap...how long did it take you to make that bad boy up? Good one, bro. I'm not gonna stoop down to your level. I'll wait for an actual response from someone who can actually sing.
He is singing through some kind of a filter
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He is singing through some kind of a filter

Do you know specifically? I have absolutely no knowledge of vocal effects.
Don't you love when people are ****s about a question you ask?

May I ask what DAW you might be using? I know a lot of people just add a walkie-talkie type of effect to their vocals to sound like that (like in Adobe Audition, it actually has a "walkie talkie" preset). In others you can add like, a resonant filter and play around with that. I really don't know TOO much, I'm sorry, but I thought I'd leave you with SOMETHING productive. Good luck!
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Sounds like a hi-pass filter and some distortion to me.
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I'm not using any DAW currently, but my band and I are working on new material and I wanted to have a vocal effect like that for one of the songs. As long as I get the jist of what it is, I assume we can take care of it when it's time to record. Thanks for the help.
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Sounds like a hi-pass filter and some distortion to me.

Yaaaaaaaaa! If your DAW doesn't already have a preset for walkie-talkie to play around with, this is your best way to go.
I want to thank you both very much for actually helping me out and not trolling because I posted MCR.

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You may be able to get the effect using a megaphone.

I actually thought about that. The effect sounded very Gibby Haynes-ish, and he used a megaphone live.
No problem! TCFSR is one of my favorite albums of all time, and I listen to pretty heavy music haha no shame what so ever. Great writers. Let us know when your band gets those recordings done! Be happy to check 'em out/critique.
I'm not a pro at this stuff, but my guess is that it would be a combination of setting the mic gain high enough to peak a lot, causing the distortion, and turning the bass and mids down, treble up.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
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We recorded a little Fisher-Price toy megaphone for one of our tracks, really nice, lo-fi and gritty.

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