So I've been looking into getting a harmonizer pedal for a while now, and have been wondering just how much better the PS-6 is compared to the older (and much cheaper, more importantly) HR-2. I'm not planning on using some of the newer features like the S-Bend functionality. I'm more interested in playing Boston-esque lead lines in a live setting, and was wondering if the PS-6 has any significant advantage over it's older brother in this regard.

Thanks in advance for your time and thoughts!

Also, I would most likely be playing this through a 6505 1x12 combo with a Jackson RR3 and a Douglas Hadron.
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Before I recommend a pedal, I'm going to tell you the cons of harmonizer pedals. If your tone is overdriven... when you put the pedal in the front, it squashes the notes together and it sounds like you're actually fretting them at the same time. If you put the pedal in the fxloop, it pitch shifts the distorted sound and the tone really suffers, but it's more clear and defined... so through the loop is probably the best bet.

Now as for the recommendation, save your money and get the Behringer US600. Most will agree, Behringer is shit most of the time, but I have this pedal. It also has the S-Bend effect and somehow doesn't suffer the same amount of "warblyness" from pitch shifting that the Boss pedal has. And it's only $50 bucks.

Although I don't think the US600 can do 2 simultaneous harmonies like the Boss can.
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