Hey UG community, I have been messing around with my music and I've been experimenting and such and I was just wondering what you would call a chord that consists of the 1st 5th and 7th notes of a scale. It's basically your average power chord/5 chord but the octave is dropped a half step. I think I would call it a B5/7 chord in this case but I would like your own opinion as well

Example: instead of


If you have a name for it please enlighten me, thanks all
B5M7 is probably the easiest way to notate it. Don't really see any situation where you'd need to, though.
modes are a social construct
B5/7 chord is wrong because slash chords are used to say that a note other than the root is the bass note. B5M7 is wrong because a seventh chord already has a 5th.

Depending on what the 3rd would be if there was one, this would be either a Major 7th or a Minor Major 7th. The minor major thing is not a typo by the way.
My bad, left that part out. Whatever the 3rd would be (which would depend on the scale you're in) would determine which seventh chord it was, but you would add (no3) or something along those lines to the title. Like M7(no3) or mM7(no3).