I've been hearing a lot about Fulltone pedals lately, so I figured I'd ask everyone if they were really that great. Like, if you were filthy rich would you buy all the Fulltone pedals and put them on your board? Haha.
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The OCD is a nice pedal. I've compared it to a TS7 and an MXR Classic Overdrive. It is noticably better, but I'm not sure you could tell that much if it weren't side by side. The TS7 sounds a lot like the OCD with slightly less clarity and more mids.

So yeah if I was filthy rich I would get the OCD. Not familiar with other Fulltone pedals.
They're all built very well but they're also voiced very much to Mike Fuller's preferences, which aren't for everyone. I can't get along with most of the dirt pedals but I like everything else. They're also not boutique enough for me.
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imo, fulltone is not the BEST pedal maker, but his pedals rival the best in more categories than other pedal makers.

for example, they don't make the best vibe pedal out there (the sweet ultravibe II may be considered one of the best if not the best), but their deja vibe competes very capably and costs a quite a bit less.

their wah pedal isn't the best (maybe RMC wahs may be considered near the top) but they def compete very well... well enough where Teese himself told me to buy one of his wahs because of my personal preferences.

i could keep going, but you should get the picture.

in fact, some of mike's effects, like his tube tape echo, is the only thing in the market really like it (copy of echo plex).

he puts good stuff in his pedals, his designs are very durable, and he is very upfront with what is in his pedals and where the designs come from.
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I guess you could say that his pedals are good stuff, but as Gumbilicious said, they may not be the best. But you know, that when you use a Fulltone you're usually gonna get good stuff.

I've got a Fulltone Fulldrive II Mosfet myself, and while it is rather good, its still not my favourite OD. But the build quality and tone, is certainly good.
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his stuff is pretty cheap compared to a lot of stuff on the market.

for a bit more then a new boss or ibanez pedal you get a pretty good pedal.
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I've yet to try any other Fulltone products, but I swear by my OCD
i have been pretty impressed with fulltone. i will echo the others out there saying "they are not to best" i would add a "but good bang for the buck"

i have an OCD and i love it. it is not your typical Tubescreamer tonally and it doesn't work as well to boost your 6505 as a a OD808 would, but it will rape an OD808 as an amp in the box type thing, or to add a little more gain for solos.

i (one of the few) remembered liking the GT500, it is well versed alowing you to switch between the OD and Dist and to run one into the other in either order. again that would be a great pedal for a gig that has a fender twin up there and you want to play some blues or classic rock.

for some reason i am not the biggest fan of the fulldrive, but it does sound very nice. i would like it a whole lot more though if you could use the boost function with the OD off.

so as i said good stuff, good price.
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In terms of construction and quality, yes, they are "all that". Tone is very subjective, but for me, I was looking for a particular range of tones, and the OCD delivered them perfectly, so for me the tone was "all that" too. So that's a yes from me.
For the price they're hard to beat. I had the Fulldrive II but I didn't like it. I heard it really shines on high volumes and in a mix, but never tried it with a band. Also had the DejaVibe, which is a great vibe and only sold it because I got an AquaVibe which is one of the best vibes around.
there are so many custom makers and stuff its hard to say. as far as big names, if i had a 100% unlimited budget i would look at brands like:

fulltone, lovepedal, analog man, robert keeley, moog, t-rex, diamond, etc.

other companies do stuff well too like the electroharmonix POG, which is quite popular for some octave effects.

but its really about what your looking for in your sound. all the brands i liste pretty much have products starting from 150-600 for a pedal. a moog pedal starts at like 400ish im pretty sure. fulltone OCDs are like 120 (and are darn good ODs, friend just bought one and runs it through a handwired vox ac30....OMG)
I appreciate Fuller's approach to gear - it's supposed to do it's job, with the "job" being use in a band context. His stuff may or may not offer tonal subtleties that other manufacturer's products have, but that's usually differences one can't tell when gigging. At least I can't - a Fulldrive sounds as nice to me as any boutique-pedal in such situations. A lot of the mojo of a 500€ pedal seems to go straight out of the window once you've got drums and bass blasting away next to your guitar amp.

I don't know, maybe my hearing's screwed up or something, since there's countless people who claim the opposite.

Fuller also cuts the talk about mojo and magical tone-fairies to a minimum, instead of relying on god knows what crap to sell his stuff. I wish other manufacturers would follow that example.
I like Fulltones. At least, I like the OCD and GT500; I don't really have experience with the other models. They're certainly worth the higher price compared to cheaper distortions (though I think of them as mid-priced because I'm a distortion snob). I thought the OCD was a bit too "all high-gain, all the time" for my taste, but a lot of people like that about it. I find the sound gets a little mucky in extreme settings.

Wow, I want to hear that Tube Tape Echo thing they make...
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