Hey everyone, recently I bought myself an Epiphone Les Paul Standard.

I've been adjusting the action back and worth and I found that only the A string is having fret buzz, very noticeable fret.

It's only really noticeable between the 2nd and 3rd fret, it's normal from the 5th fret.

The action on the bass side of my guitar is pretty high (I can't raise it any higher), I don't understand how my A strings keeps getting fret buzz, my low E string is just fine because the action is so high.

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You have something called a dead fret.

Is this something I can alleviate by myself?
If it is a new guitar it would be best to take it back to the store you bought it from as it may need to be re-dressed. It could also be a very minor adjustment of the truss rod that is needed which is something you can do yourself if you know how. As long as you have checked the simple things first i.e bridge height/position, string gauge and intonation then take it to a store.


Had my neck straightened as well as new strings.
The tech said that the problem was probably from the fact that the neck was bent as well as the fact that it still had the old strings on.

Lol, for the past week I've been playing my guitar on the highest action possible and though it was "alright".