So I've been learning funk lately, and have been listening to funk rock such as Living Colour, Extreme, and Bootsauce.

So I'm looking for a phaser (Budget:$100), compressor ($150) and envelope filter ($200) to "enhance" my creativity and tone. USED OR NEW IS FINE.

So far I've looked at

Pigtronix Envelope Phaser (kill 2 birds with one stone) - (http://proguitarshop.com/store/effects-phaser-pedals-c-602_11/pigtronix-ep2-envelope-phaser-p-1532)

Subdecay Proteus (awesome step filter) - http://www.tonefactor.com/effects-by-type/filters/subdecay-proteus-auto-filter-1107.html

No idea for a compressor.

So what are your favorite pedals for enhancing your funkability?