Anyone use them? Which is best? Westone, etymotic...other? I know they are expensive, but as I was playing a show last night, my left ear had actual pain. I had forgotten to put in my hearos hifi's. And after a 3 song start... Yikes. I don't want to end up deaf! Higher db cut the better, as we are a wall of sound. I want to be able to hear the music though... Just not loud.
I've had a set made by a company called Microsonic for a few years now and I've been satisfied with them.

Just go to your local audiologist and discuss which brands are available to you through them. They can make molds of your ears and have ear plugs made for you.
I have a pair of UM1 in ear monitors. After I get the earplugs, can the filter be removed and the um1's inserted into the mold?
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I got a pair of custom molded plugs about 10-15 years ago. Still got'em, still work. I got them at a gun show here. They sat there and made them as you waited. Cost like $35.00 back then. I heard they cost near $50.00ish now. They can also be molded around a variety of hearing aids and such. As I recall the dB reduction was like 31 dB. They also make an insert that allows you to hear normal volume levels while attenuating the louder stuff. Those cost like $400.00 range though.

Here's a link for a kit.....

Yep I'm looking to get some attenuated ones. I want to experience the face melting without the ear melting!
I contacted Westone, and the custom molds are for attenuators only. Can't stick my Westone IEM's in them. That sucks. $180 for earplugs....On the fence