Hello. I recently figured out how to play my Fender Strat through my computer. I plug it into my Zoom G1N Multi Effects Pedal and plug that into my computer. I record it using Wave Pad Audo editor. When I record my clean sounds, it sounds terrific. But if I turn on the distortion, it sounds too fuzzy sounding. It isn't the treble in the EQ, because when I turn the treble down the fuzzy sound still remains. Is there any way I could reduce this fuzz from my audio tracks? Thank you in advance for any help
Quick question, does the pedal have any sort of cab simulation going with it? If it doesn't, the raw distortion is going to sound... not so great. You'll want to use a VST cab sim in whatever DAW you're recording with. If that's the problem, the sim will clear it right up with a little tweaking.
i would skip all the distortion on the pedal and go for amp sims and cab sims. if you want to use the distortion on the pedal, use both a amp sim and a cab sim. look for the ultimate amp vst thread for more information on using amp sims.
I am using a Stack simulator effect in the patch I am recording with, and I am still getting a fuzzy distortion.
As said above, you'll get an infinitely better sound if you use internal amp sims, instead of running the Zoom like that.

It's all about Gain Staging.
I'm not too familiar with Zoom products (so I could be wrong) and having said that, I don't believe that Effects Processor has a Pre-Amp built-in like some of the other interfaces.
Thanks for all the help. I decided to get Guitar Rig 3 for my PC. It helps alot and is actually pretty cool.
As an extremely long-time Line 6 user, Guitar Rig has definitely put a dent in my L6 usage. I mean sure I use their Guitarport as my interface for now, but works flawlessly.