hey i was wondering how i would go about installing a grounded power cord on my ampeg m-12 tube amp... cant find any website that doesnt have something to do with a ground switch ora "death cap:". i dont have all of that before the 2 pronged cord 1 side went to the back of the fuse holder deal and another went to one of the first tubes...???? help please!?
can u post pictures? tubes shouldn't run off the wall. it should be going into the transformer first. does one go into the mains switch?

and why is your font so small?

edit: nvm I just didn't know how to use my phone
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Do this look like it might be your amp?


If so here is what you want to do. On that schematic you will see that the plug connects to the fuse holder and then the transformer. What you will want to do is connect the black to the fuse, white to the transformer, and then solder/crimp on a spade//lug/ring terminal to the green wire and attach it with a nut and bolt to the chassis.

Remove that .05uF cap.


mine has this wiring i always got a jolt when i touched a floor air vent while playing guitar barefooted in my jam room. no cap either the wire is pretty bad like someone else put it in there and the amp is wierd i have a backplate that says i have 6v6 tubes and the amp itself says i have 7591s idk but i want to have a 3 prong power cord.
and what do you mean white to transformer exactly is there supposed to be a wire or something???