Hey guys, I'm thinking of buying a smaller scale guitar (maybe 3/4th size) for travelling, but I was wondering what the drawbacks would be.
I know smaller guitars sound less full, but besides that is there anything I should know? Is the fretboard itself also scaled-down? If it is, will getting used to the smaller board affect my playing on a regular-size acoustic? I heard from a friend that its easier to form chords, but that its more difficult to play finger style because there's less space in between strings. Is this true?

Thanks a bunch
first things first. a standard sized dreadnought has a 1 11/16" nut, and so do most 3/4 dreads, parlors and travel guitars. very few have a narrower neck, and the few that do have a 1 5/8" nut, which a few full sized guitars have, also. second, not all smaller guitars have the same scale length. a standard full sized dread usually has a 25.5" scale, a standard martin short scale has 24.9". my shortest scale guitar is a yamaha jr1, with a 21.25" scale, which isn't really that much shorter, although some might want to use medium strings for a little more tension. my washburn rover has a 24" scale, and it's possibly the smallest bodied travel guitar made.

and while i find a wider necked guitar easier and more fun to play, especially for fingerpicking, and easier to form chords on, i can handle a standard neck. my husband is 6' 7" and he can play without any particular issues on my 3/4 dreads - in fact, i gave him one of mine, and he plays it with a slide all the time.

the smaller guitars i know of that have a wider neck - and i look for them constantly online and in person - tend to cost more. the composite acoustics cargo and blackbird rider are both carbon finger travel guitars with 1 3/4" nuts and great tone - much better than most smaller wood guitars. you could also check out go-guitars.com where you can order your own travel guitar with either a 1 11/16" or 1 3/4" nut as you prefer, plus for as little as a little martin, you can choose from a few different woods, tuner styles, neck profile and fret size.
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