Hey guys. I think it's about time I upgraded my guitar's standard pickups. I own a left handed Jay Turser Electric Guitar. I am looking to upgrade my neck pick up right now, since it's the one I use the most. Looking for one with a nice, clean "bell like" tone. Something along the lines of this kind of sound


any recommendations? I'm not looking to empty my wallet but I also believe in the idea that if I put enough money on something nice I'll only cry once.

and of course I meant "single coil pick-up"
what amp you playing through becasue if your playing that guitar through a practice or beginners amp you probably wont notice much of a difference (and the amp does more for the tone than a set of pick ups)

just my opinion
OP you should look at guitar fetish pups they have god pups at a decent price

unless you want to pay as much for the pick up as you did for the guitar
I think for what it's gonna cost you to get a new pickup installed (and the limited effect that will have on a cheaper guitar), you may be better off saving up for something better