I just got a flying v copy with a licensed floyd rose on it in a trade. I love the guitar a lot but I have been having some tuning problems with it. I don't use the whammy bar at all but when I play it for more than a few minutes it goes flat. It has a locking nut. I really don't want to have to deal with changing the strings with the floyd. Would blocking the floyd and removing the locking nut and replacing it with a regular one help with the tuning?
Blocking the FR will be sufficient, there's no need to remove the locking nut.
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it would help but replacing the locking nut with a regular could be weird .the locking nut has a wider base than a regular nut froem what ive seen but yeah
well blocking it would definitely help but you cant replace the nut from a locking to a regular because of its size and the way it is installed . i suppose you could but it would look very good and would be a lot of trouble since blocking the floyd would most like solve your issue
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I really don't want to have to deal with changing the strings with the floyd.

How old are the strings?
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How old are the strings?

Not that old. It's a brand new guitar that the music store put some ernie balls on it.