Hi guys I'm looking for a new electric guitar for between $500-$700. I play mostly metal and hard rock but deffinately want a decent clean sound as well. A point in the right direction would be well appreciated as It currently is very difficult for me to travel to a guitar store right now so I don't really have the luxury for repeat visits. Thanks!!
Telecasters are the most versatile guitars ever. youll see famous metal players, clean players and everyone in between using em.
Would you be willing to buy online?? You can buy great guitars for a cheap price.

Maybe what would be good for you is an ESP or a Schecter with active EMG 81/85 as they can handle the cleans and are built for metal
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a strat with a humbucker in the bridge should get as versatile as you want

Exactly my thoughts.
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ESP, Jackson, Ibanez. Those are the big 3 metal guitar companies if you ask me.

Others can be used for metal but are not designed for it specifically.
Get a guitar with either a bridge humbucker or two humbuckers.

EMG's are alright, but honestly they only sound good if the player is good.

I have a Jackson DKMGT, used to own an ESP/LTD and a Dean Razorback. I wouldn't recommend Dean by the way, seems quality is NOT what it used to be. But I highly recommend the earlier mentioned 3 brands. I'm not a Fender fan, and I think schecter necks are too big. But It's personal preference. Try going to a music shop and trying brands out if you can.

Good luck!!
LTD with a set of seymour duncan pickups in it (EC's, mh's and phoenix's). you may have to stretch a little bit budget wise, but you'll get a guitar with really good spec's and an excellent tonal palette
How about a Fender Strat?? You could get an MIM Strat for about the price range you posted.