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Batman (1989)
7 19%
Batman Returns (1992)
13 36%
Batman Forever (1995)
9 25%
Batman & Robin (1997)
7 19%
Voters: 36.
I call it the "cheese" era because these four films were all so rich and good and unique in their own way. Which one is the best?
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Batman & Robin
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December 14, 2017
The second one.
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Batman Forever

Speaking of cheese...

^should be an acceptable answer
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the one where the Batman fights the evil Monterey Man. but Monterey Man didn't have jack on the Caped Crusader.
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The Dark Knight
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Someone's been watchin AMC today. My vote's for Forever, just cuz there's a lot of content in it and Jim Carrey. Though, the newest two are WAAAAAYYYYYY better than any of the "cheese" films.
the first two were awesome and the weird, surreal vibe justified the whole guy fighting crime in a bat costume thing

the joel schumacher ones were just ridiculous
Batman and Robin I guess. Even though I really like what Christopher Nolan has done with the franchise and I'm excited for the next one.
I like the sixties Batman the best. (Yes even more than the new stuff.) But since that wasn't an option I voted the 1989 one.
Of those flix, my pick is the '89 Batman, followed closely by Batman Returns, naturally.

If it's cheese you want, the '43 and '49 Batman serials also deliver in a big way. Very entertaining.
The Tim Burton ones blow the other two out of the water (and I think the new ones too). The Atmosphere Burton creates is absolutely perfect and Keaton plays the creepiest, most damaged Batman/Bruce Wayne out of any of the actors that have taken on the role. Batman Returns is my favorite, but I don't know that it's necessarily any better than the first, just personal taste and a love of both Cristopher Walken and Danny DiVito.
Batman Returns. Easily.
There was something wrong with Batman & Robin. Something about it just felt so ..wrong. The ass shots and rubber nipples didn't help.