I currently own a Schecter Solo 6 Hellraiser, I've had it for about a year now. The only damage done to it is on the headstock. One of the points has some paint chipped away (not all of it mind you, just chipped enough to see a small white spot) and the headstock is also scratched (which was due to a guitar string when I wasn't paying attention). Other than a slight dent (about 1/8 in long) and a scractch, about 1 inch long), fingerprints and dust this baby is flawless. The fingerprints and dust can be easily whiped away. It has a fresh pair of Elixers (.10-.46) and a new battery. It has already been seen up to my preference (really low action when tuned to Drop D) and almost perfectly intonated.

For specs: http://www.guitarcenter.com/Schecter-Guitar-Research-Hellraiser-Solo-6-Electric-Guitar-105298210-i1443075.gc

Mine is in black cherry.

I am looking for a guitar trade only (Ibanez or ESP/LTD preferred).
i could trade a ibanez rgr421exfm lavender burst....its discontinued and has a few dings but its worth 600 new so i dont know....if you wanted