So I've been toying with the thought of running a 30-band studio quality EQ straight into my Fender Hot Rod amp. With that many bands, the tonal characteristics are seemingly endless. My only concern is whether or not such a hot relationship between eq and amp is a healthy one for the amp.
Bass players do it with rack heads all the time. Can't see any reason it would damage the amp, you'll just have to be smart to keep your input levels where you want them (unity or a nice boost, or whatever) so that your preamp isn't over/under driven in a way you don't like.

Sounds like a fun idea to me!
Speaking as one of said bassists who does this all the time, I personally like to run them post, which is doable with the hot rod ever though it's a combo, I think. Although I imagine it wouldn't be practical in a live setting.
If you put it after the amp you should be right, but if you put it before the amp, would the amps 3 band overide it kind of?, but if you put it after then it would then shape what you have set at the 3 band. Maybe
The overdrive on the amp is pretty nasty so I figured I could give it an "awesome" boost with the EQ. If the EQ was a stereo 30-30 EQ, could I run both channels on the EQ into both inputs on the amp or would it explode?
Using both inputs wouldn't gain you a lot. They both feed the same tube. The EQ will have more than enough to swamp it. Using the other channel into the second input would only be worth trying if turning the EQ to 10 wasn't enough - that's hardly likely. It would only be 3dB extra anyway.
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