Alright. So, I want to make a relic type Tele. Teppei Teranishi (Thrice) inspired me with Burn the Fleet. Haha. Problem is this: I just bought a new guitar and I want this project to be amazing. But also affordable. I have never built a guitar from the ground up before (though I have completely disassembled my Strat before). Any ideas on paint and the relic process?
Teppei used a Jaguar Baritone on "Burn the Fleet".

Still, building a Tele is a good call. What does "affordable" mean to you exactly? Using a really nice Warmoth neck and body and maybe cutting a few corners on hardware (guitarfetish is pretty good) is probably going to still have a base price of around $800.

The relic process is pretty tough to do, I mean anyone can beat the crap out of a guitar body, but the people who do it professionally have a pretty painstaking process. You can actually find fairly affordable professionally relic'd bodies on ebay quite frequently.