With the 1A and 1B exercises in the practice guide, if you take the lowest note played when you do going down exercises, and the highest note played when you do going up exercises, what's the range of that? I've been doing those exercises for two weeks and a few days a week I can hit all of the notes, I could probably go around two or more sequences down, but I was just curious.
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I can't help you with knowledge on your question.. but I know a software that would be able to TELL you..

Sing and See. It will tell you the exact note you're singing. Lots of people use it as a quick and dirty way of finding their vocal range... problem is they like to think they have these HUGE ranges because they are taking falsetto into account when normally you would not (when done correctly by a singing teacher or vocal coach).

But yeah Sing and See, just be aware of the falsetto thing.