my band had it frist pratice and my 15 wat is obviosly to week what wats are good for pratice and somethings like a talent show and hopfully later on small gigsand what would be loud and on the cheap side
1) What's your budget? "Cheap" doesn't tell us a lot, we need an actual range to work with.

2) What is the rest of your band running? Do you have a heavy-handed drummer? What amps are your guitarist(s) using?
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my guitarist is using a 75wat and my drumer isvery loud buget is at1 50ish U.S.A money
In that case I hope you're willing to go used. New, $150 won't get you anything beyond a practice amp. Nothing that's going to be much better then your current amp.

Look to the used market, go check out what your local stores have and keep an eye on Craigslist. Old Peavey TKO and TNT combos in particular are good amps that often sell pretty cheap.
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Dude just save up more. If you want to gig you're going to want something reliable. The old Peavey combos Tostitos mentioned are build like brick shithouses and would probably survive a nuclear apocalypse but if you're planning on gigging you're going to want something on or above the 200 watt range.
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