Hi i just want to know what you guys think i should do. I am finding a replacement for my bridge pickup in my Epi Sg that will be paired with an Alinco 2 Pro (type Slash used before his sig set.) Now the two i have narrowed it down to is the Bareknuckle hand wired highly reviewed riff raff set or the SD Pearly Gates Custom Shop which would be the exact one Angus Young uses on stage live. My main goal is a classic rock, blue rock, hard rock tone like AC/DC GNR ZEPPEPLIN etc.

Now i have no clue what the custom shop pickup is going to cost me unfortunately so i assume it will be about the same as the bare knuckle anyways so i want to know your opinion on what i should do here. Thanks!
The only difference between the special order "custom shop" Pearly Gates and the regular one is that it's wound and assembled entirely by hand and it's wound to be slightly hotter, something like an extra .8 DC resistance. It's not worth the upcharge, it won't actually sound any different. People overstate how much of a difference handwinding makes. There is always some varience in the coil winding no matter if a pickup is wound by hand or by automated machine and automated programs can be set to wind coils just as randomly as any pickup made by hand. The Pearly Gates is one of those, it's one of the few SD pickups that purposefully has slightly uneven coils. So don't bother with the Custom Shop option. You're paying extra just for Seymour Duncan to sign the back of it.

The Riff Raff will be slightly brighter than the Pearly Gates. That's what you should decide on. The Riff Raff uses an alnico 5 magnet and the Pearly Gates has an alnico 2. In fact really the Riff Raff is more like a SD 59, if you want to make a direct comparison. There's the Pearly Gates Plus too which uses an alnico 5 but you can only get that in certain Fender guitars, it's exclusive to them. The alnico 5 magnets will be a bit brighter and clearer on the low strings. The alnico 2 Pearly Gates has a more vintage response with softer attack on the low strings.

For a proper hard rock tone I wouldn't recommend any of them though. If you look back through AC/DC's recording history most of Angus' playing was done with an alnico 4 pickup with a lot of mids and his thinner sound came from his really aggressive picking technique and by having everything on his amp cranked except the bass and preamp gain. And GNR and Led Zep which you also mentioned definitely need a more balanced kind of pickup.

For cheap there's the SD Seth Lover. Total vintage sound but how good it will work out for you depends on if your amp is up to the job. You'll need a proper old style single channel plexi head kind of amp to get the best out of it. SD Custom Custom is a slightly more flexible choice with more output too which would certainly help with AC/DC style tones. DiMarzio 36th PAF is a solid choice too, it'll nail AC/DC well although it may end up being a little thin for GNR.

Mid price there's a Gibson burstbucker 2 which is a good pickup but not really any better than the Seymour Duncans. It's a more flexible version of the SD Seth Lover basically, it's got the same vibe but sounds good with anything but also costs more. A Creamery 59 pickup with an alnico 4 magnet would be totally perfect for AC/DC and Led Zep and if it makes you feel any better they're totally hand made just like Bare Knuckles but they cost less because they don't have the big brand name that Bare Knuckle have.

If you are willing to spend the big bucks then a better Bare Knuckle would be the Black Dog as the most balanced option for all the tones you mentioned or the VHII for leaning more towards AC/DC. Honestly the Riff Raff is too bright for its intended use. The SD BroBucker would be perfect but it is pretty much the most expensive option.
Wow thank you this is very exstensive aswell i would like to know your opinion on a burstbucker pro rather than the 2 i realise it is a 5 rather than 4 but i don't particularly like the fact that the 2 is unpotter because i play through a traynor ycs100 which is a hi volume amp which could lead to some pretty bad feedback.
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