Hey all you UGers I would like to ask you all for a favor. I have recorded my first rough draft of my song. I don't know if it is any good. I would love to hear any of you feedback. Are the lyrics good? Guitar riffs alright? Singer any good(don't be to mean, its me :P)? Just tell me what you think.

http://artists.ultimate-guitar.com/blacksheepgeneration/ Its the top song on the MP3 list (Nothins' Wrong)

I would be willing to review any of your songs too, just give me a link and a few days to get to it

Thank you all
Black Sheep Generation
Vocal is almost un-audible in the mix. But your voice is pretty good, right now it's almost like another instrument(cus you can't really hear it properly). I liked the vocal melody.

Did you use fuzz to get solo tone? Sounds like a fuzz-effect is used and not distortion.
Solos are ok, but sometimes they like like they aren't really fitting the rhytm or something...

Rhytm tone is kinda ok, but rhytm itself is not interesting in any way.

The song has potencial, sure. You should at least make vocal louder and solos more... rhytmical and catchy I guess.

Kombat Gear:

          Hey hey, you listened to my stuff... I'm listening to yours(:

          I actually think its pretty cool. Your voice fits well with the style of music. And I really like the guitar riffs. They're good and not predictable/cliche/whatever.

          I think the same to you, practice singing techniques like scales or whatever... Thats gottta be the only way to improve! But it's still very good as it is. =]
          For the style, this is pretty nice. You have a nice voice from what I can hear, the vocals are real quiet. The soloing could use some work, but it wasn't too bad. I think this would sound alot better with a full band. Either that, or just like you singing and an acoustic would be cool, but that's just me. All in all it's got potential, but it just needs better production and a little solo work.