I play guitar for a band called Another Year Gone in Huntington, WV and we could use some help with a contest.... let me explain

Our local rock station (X106.3 WAMX) holds a rock festival every year called XFest. They bring in some of the bigger name bands of the year and they also have a local stage and bands have to compete for votes to play that stage.

Two and a half months ago, our bass player and brother Jessy Gilkerson was taken from us in a car accident and its been really hard on us 3 remaining members. It was a really difficult decision because we can't imagine playing music without him after playing together for 5+ years, but we have decided to try out in his memory and honor. Playing XFest was something he had always wanted to do and he had been talking a lot this year about wanting to try out for the first time.

We have secured a stand-in bass player in case by some chance we make it and we could REALLY use some help in getting there. If you would like to take a couple minutes to help us out, all you have to do is click HERE and type in your email address. It will prompt you to sign up which just takes a minute and you can select no to receiving any emails so you won't get spammed I promise! Once you sign up, you will get a verification email sent to you and you just click the link in the email and then you can vote.

We need to finish in the top 3 in order to play, so any and all votes are greatly appreciated, whether you vote once or once a day until the contest ends on July 25th, we appreciate it all the same. Help us keep Jessy's memory alive and help us do something for him that we never got a chance to do.

Thanks to anyone who helps us out!
-Brett AYG
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Hey I'm sorry to hear about your bass player, I know it's tough losing someone you've been friends with and played with for so long. Keep your head up and I wish you luck in the contest, I signed up to give you guys some votes.
Thanks so much for your help! To be honest, I didn't expect anyone would respond to this so I'm pretty surprised. There's still 7 days until the contest ends and they have hidden the vote count for the last week so we won't know if we finished in the top 3 until monday at 5 when they announce it live on the air. You can vote once a day so any continued help is greatly appreciated! Rock On!

-Brett AYG