I was checking out some amps like the Roland cube 60 and vox. but i'm not sure if they are capable of getting tones like in flames, children of bodom, or lamb of god. Im looking for a combo amp not a stack or anything.

btw i play a schechter hellraiser

can u guys give me some suggestions that wont break the bank? and if the roland cube or vox can get those tones?
i think you must go with mesa-peavey-engl or blackstar
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if you give us your budget im sure we could help u some more.
also dont make more than one thread on the same exact topic.
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Well seeing that you listed the cube, try the Peavey Vyper 75 it has some of the best Hi-gain of any modeler.
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please delete one of your threads man, u have 2 right on top of eachother
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Surely you can find a tube amp instead of a Cube 60X?


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