I was told that my nylon stringed guitar sounds dull. I bought new strings about 2 months ago. Any suggestions on how I can brighten the sound???
Clean them with some sort of String Cleaning thing! Look online or go to a store. If you wash your hands before you play guitar it will help keep natural body oils from raping the strings
Nylon stringed guitars generally sound pretty dull to begin with when compared with steel stringed guitars. Not much you can do about it. That's just how it is.
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i find that d'addario pro arte strings sound a bit brighter than augustine strings, but classical guitars and strings just aren't as bright as acoustic guitars. btw, it is possible that part of what makes your guitar seem to have a duller tone is a plastic nut and saddle or too much humidity. you may not be aware of this, but not only the guitar wood but also nylon is hygroscopic, which means they hold water. the most humid the room the guitar is in gets, the more the wood and strings retain water, making the guitar sound more blah.
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In addition to nice new strings and better-quality nut and saddle, classical guitars are very sensitive to how they're held.
Classical players work to achieve a position that lets the guitar vibrate freely; only the back edge of the instrument contacts the leg, and only the front/top edge contacts the arm. The rest of the instrument sholdn't be touching anything other than your fretting fingers, of course.
This allows for maximum vibration.
Composite strings (so-called carbon) tend to sound a bit 'brighter' than plain nylon.
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Get new strings?

Ditto that. Strings aren't that expensive. They're even cheaper if you buy on line. Costs 5-6 bucks a set for good ones.