So i got pro tools m-powered 8 for a birthday gift about a month ago.I installed all the disk and put in the usb drive that came with it. Every time i try to open up pro tools it says, unable to locate M-Audio hardware.Make sure your hardware is connected and turned on.
So I dont have an audio interface yet,is that whats is talkin about.I Have windows 7 btw.
You should have an M-audio interface... Some sort of interface to get the sound into your computer. One with instrument and mic inputs will serve you nicely. Just ensure its compatible with your software.
Yeh i know that,but i dont have the money right now. I was just tryin to check out the software.So is that the reason it wont open up.
And also make sure that if you plan on using Pro Tools 8 M-Powered when you get your interface that it is a M-Audio interface as M-Powered will only run with M-Audio gear.
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yes, only pro tools 9 will open without any interface.

Not 100% True

Pro Tools 9 needs to detect some sort of ASIO device for it to launch. It works just fine with ASIO4ALL so you can still launch it with no interface
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