This first one is a pretty generic pop/rock type of acoustic song. The singing is a little forced and sped up by my friend. This was his first take on the song and we just recorded for a quick little demo.


This second one is just me screwing around. I came up with this in like 10 minutes. Thought it sounded peaceful so screw it! Might as well upload it.


Thanks for any tips or advice!

BTW, both songs, the guitar parts, were recorded on an iPhone. lol
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Listened to "My Goodnight Song" first. Nice calming track, I guess it's a bit repetitive, but due to short length of the song it's not a problem. The guitar sounds a bit thin, but that's probably cus of iPhone. Overall the track is pretty good, but short. Maybe you should try expanding it, but without it getting boring.

"Untitled piece of pimpage" - first that came to mind was Blink 182. Vocal and the vocal melody really reminds me of them. I rarely listen to anything that can be describes as "pretty generic pop/rock type of acoustic song"... can't comment on originality of this song.
I guess only flaw is that chorus guitar part doesn't differ too much from verse part, it all kinda sounds monotonous. Some added variety here and there is always nice(and drums ).

You recorded both tracks in one take? That's really cool.

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