Has anyone else read this amazing book? It's by Sebastion Junger who was on the team that made the Restrepo documentary, and it is one of THE most interesting non-fiction books you can read. Very well written and all that.

But it's basically about a group of soldiers in this particularly difficult valley in Afghanistan. It's really just about the day to day life of these Army Airborne soldiers. Kind of gave me a new respect for them, and made me feel bad for them as well. Some of the stuff they've seen, I don't know how they'll get over it.

One thing that struck me is the author talked about how with advent of guns, and especially automatic guns and heavy machinery (tanks and helicopters) the absolute best soldier is at the same risk of dying as the best, it becomes a game of chance. Like in medieval times your ability with a sword could ensure your life, but there's no fighting a helicopter.

He said there was a Taliban commander who they'd been hunting for a while and the commander and some of his men got above the Army base and fired down on them. Then the Americans called a helicopter, and the helicopter wiped all of the attackers out.

I just couldn't imagine that terror, when seeing something and there is nothing you can do about it.

So who else has read this magnificent book? And what are your thoughts? It really is the least biased book about war I've read.
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No, but Restrepo was incredible
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