After a few years of sitting on a guitar that i've poorly put together, i've finally gotten round to insulating the cavity, which removed a surprising level of buzz.

Now the problem is, is that i could only get the neck pick up to kind of work. It only works when the amp is turned onto its gain channel and even then it sounds as if it's at half power, if you know what i mean.

All of the wiring is how it should be and im very sure that the pick ups are in working order. I can't figure it out.

Any ideas?
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it is either the wiring, the volume potentiometer, or the pickup itself. If it is the wiring, then just fix it. If it is the potentiometer, that is like 10 - 15 dollars. If it is the pickup then it is like 30 - 100$ to replace depending on what pickup you replace it with.
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