So I am looking into swapping my pickups in the ol Gibson Special faded SG here and ran into people talking about string spacing and humbuckers and trembuckers and I am completely unsure about whats up and down now? what do i need and how do i know? I know it has to do with string spacing but im not sure quite what and the internets is not being useful.

pleasseeee help/
what you need to know right now = don't get F spaced humbuckers. anything else, read up on, but will =/= to your guitar.

p.s., read this to know what a trembucker is. your guitar uses normal humbuckers.

The guy at seymour duncan said that gibson changed the spacing of their strings and that trembuckers may be needed. looking around I saw that all SGs Ive seen used normal looking humbuckers...while some Lps where using trembuckers so I got confused...
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year your sg was made in?

edit: also measure from string to string as accurately as you can, then give us the dimensions (in decimals)
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measure the string spacing over the bridge pickup, if it is either 52 or 53mm you need a trembucker, if it is smaller than these two, then a normal bridge pickup is needed. the neck pickup never needs to be trem-spaced
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Modern Gibsons use trembucker (Duncan) or F-Spaced (DiMarzio) bridge pickups. I found that out when I put a humbucker spaced Seymour Duncan JB in my '07 Gibson Flying V and the pole pieces and strings didn't line up. These days most guitars have the wider string spacing regardless of what kind of bridge the guitar has. They are not just for trem equipped guitars anymore.