I purchased my guitar a few years ago and I chose to buy just the acoustic version. Now I always see in videos online that people have pickups installed on their guitars. How exactly would I go about doing this and how much would it cost?
how you do it depends on which electronics you install. here are some you can check out

and here are soundclips of some of them
the k&k pure western mini is a very popular model, btw, and it's under $100.

if you're a handy person, chances are you may be able to install a pickup yourself. if not, why not check with your local luthier - they may both sell and install one for you for a reasonable price.
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Thanks. I think my best bet is to go to my nearest guitar shop and ask around what they would suggest for me.
honestly whether that's your best bet depends on your guitar stores. i live in los angeles, and we hang out at at 6 guitar centers, 2 sam ash stores and a number of indie stores. i hear sales guys give poor advice or wrong information to people all the time with the exception of two stores, and even one of them gets it wrong at least a quarter of the time.
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I just looked in my Oxford English Dictionary and under "Acoustic Guitar", there was your Avatar and an email address!
The main choice is this:

Do you get a removable pickup that mounts in the sound hole. Or do you go the extra step and cut into your guitar to install permanent electronics.
Wow i am a fan of buying guitars with electronics already factory installed. You could just mike
up the guitar thats the easiest. Cheers
If you have any mechanical skill at all you can install it yourself. I am partial to the JJB Prestige Elite 330 which will run you $50 and does a very nice job. All you need is a 1/2 inch spade bit to make the hole and you glue the transducers to the bridge plate. I've installed 4 of them. They sound great and are easy to install.

They are far preferable to undersaddle pickups which rob your guitar of tone when it isn't plugged in.
I wouldn't even try doing it by myself, but thanks! We have one Guitar Center near where I live, which is Southern PA. But there's also another store near me where I bought my guitar and got my strings changed and the owner really knows what he's talking about so I will take it there and see what he says. Hopefully things work out for the best!