I'm new to UG so I'm not sure if this belongs in technique section, but I've been lurking in this forum and figured I'd ask you guys for the advice.

I'm relatively new to the guitar, I've been playing for about 3 months now, with weekly hour instructions and about 30 min minimum a day of practice but typically more. Anyhow, I'm learning through the Hal Leonard complete book, as well as handouts and various chords/excercises my instructor assigns me. I've got "The Big 9" I believe it's refered to in terms of chords down pat, and have about 20 more chords in my roladex, but just can't switch them as quickly as I can the big 9. (My instructor gives me about 1-2 new chords to add each week depending on their difficulty) I've recently learned about rests which are essentially misses I believe in strumming patterns, as well as stops. I enjoy stops and the misses to kinda mix things up a bit in my practicing. (while playing stops I like to kinda knock the guitar a bit with my knuckle to add some percussion to it) However I tend to fall into the same strumming patterns over and over again and it gets a bit monotonous.

So can the UG community offer me some advice on some new fun strumming patterns, easy or tough, just something to break free of the ones I use all the time and maybe push me a bit. In addition, maybe if you could add a few progressions of chords that might sound good together? I tend to stay around the Big 9 and much of what I practice sounds similar. Or at least maybe a different sequence of the same chords to make it sound cooler/fun?

Thanks in advance!
Maybe a kind of boom-chicka country strumming pattern? In which case, you can have a lot of fun playing Johnny Cash songs as they tend to be quite simple as far as the chords go.

EDIT: Also, youtube is your friend. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Q7rspb0MpI, for example...
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Thanks, I'll check out that link when I'm out of work as youtube is blocked...

I def like Johnny Cash, though I'm not really a country fan. But right now that doesn't really matter, I'm just looking to expand my learning and absorb as much as I can.
for a nice progression for early rock try c-am-f-g two down strums each. this progression was used on many old rock songs.
very cool thanks guys! Watched those youtube videos and they were pretty helpful.

mcookoc- I like that progression, just need to work on my F, so this will probably help. It's hard for me to play it well without accidentally muting some of the strings