I've been playing for six months and have developed this weird way of picking and I'm not sure what it is because not every pick is up and down, the picks are consistently up and down until I switch strings. If I was switching from the a string to the d the first pick on the d would be down even if the previous pick on the a was down. What exActly is this technique if it is one? And should I stick with it or learn regular alternate picking?
That's just regular economy picking. And at 6 months I think you should stick with straight alternate picking.
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December 14, 2017
Sounds like economy picking. I as well started with economy picking and can't recommend it too much for a beginner. A good alternate picking technique, in my eyes, is vital for overall guitar technique.

You don't have to drop economy picking out, but at least practise alternate picking.
I usually do that aswell. Although I can straight up Eco pick if I want to (doing that mostly now).

Most people will tell you to learn how to alt pick, but I find I can play alot faster if I eco pick (According to a vid I watched so does Jeff Loomis!)

I say do what ever you think is best, if you feel you need to learn to alt pick do that.

EDIT: I only found out what Alternate pick was a few months ago and I have been Playing 3 years as of mid July.

EDIT2: I just read your post again and yeah that is just Eco Picking I thought you said you always change string with a down pick.
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