I'm thinking of having my local shop special order one of these for me. I had a lower end Dinky a long time ago but ended up having to get rid of it to help pay some bills. As it sits now, I have some money to spend and am seriously considering buying this guitar. The review on UG gives it a 9.4 which is great, but do any of you have any experience playing one?

My shop doesn't have one on the wall so the closest I got was a DK2T with a string through body and hard tail (and I must say the October Pearl color was beautiful). Anyway, the guy said I could get it all for $925, tax, hard case, etc. included, which isn't a bad deal considering all the online sites I've seen have it listed for $999 before tax. Anyway, any input is appreciated!
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I used to own a Dinky shaped Jackson and all I can say is that I really liked the neck, it's thin and flat(fretboard) which made fast and comfortable to play with. I actually find my LTD's neck harder to play sometimes. What I am not sure about the DK2S is the pickups, do you need Sustainer, single coil, etc? If yes I say go for it, but try playing it first.
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Yeah that is one thing I have found about the Jacksons I have played in stores is that they have real fast necks. As far as the Sustaniac goes, I don't guess it's really something that anyone "needs", but I have played around with a Sustainer on another guitar before and it was really neat. I did like the DK2T I played, but the last guitar I bought was a string-through and I would really like to have another guitar with a Floyd on it.

By the way, saw in your signature you have an M series LTD...love those guitars. I hope to get a Kirk Hammett signature model some day when I can afford it.
"For me, it is far better to grasp the Universe as it really is than to persist in delusion, however satisfying and reassuring." ~Carl Sagan
the mg100hfx has a rating of 10 on UG's reviews...

so yeah, don't put too much stock on reviews.

fwiw... i like the japanese jacksons, but i'm not too fussed on the trems on the cheaper ones. if you can stretch to one of the neck-thru ones, they have a better trem. though at that point (depending on where you are... certainly here in europe) you're not a million miles away from the prices of the US ones.
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I'm a huge fan of the Japanese Dinkies. The necks are lovely, with the compound radius fretboard and a pretty good profile. Thin, but not too thin. I also really like the satin finish on the back of the neck.

Like Dave_Mc said, the thing most people might consider to be the weak link is the JT580LP Floyd unit. However this sin't a big problem, as it's solid and reliable. It's just that it can be a bit stiff and unresponsive compared to higher quality Floyds. I've got one on my DK2M, and I'm perfectly happy with it.
Always been a fan of anything Jackson makes. The Dinky is one of their lower-end models, no? But I think I remember playing it and still getting that crisp, Jackson-type sound still. I'd go for it!

And I love Floyd Rose bridges. They take a little more lovin' than other bridges, but I love the look and finish of them.