Hey everyone, I have started focusing on legato in my practice and so far its nothing but shit Im going very slow but I cant seem to elimate the tension in my fingers without causing the notes to not ring out. Any tips?
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I've had the same problem. What I found helped was changing my technique so my fingers had to do less work. For pull offs that meant using a downward motion, almost like plucking the string. For hammer ons that meant hitting the string with the tip of my finger as close to the fret as possible. What takes time is consistently striking the same spot so the volume is constant. If you make a video, people can see what you're doing and offer tips. That's what I did last week, and I got some good pointers from Freepower.
I find HOs to be quite easy, but that's just me; POs are a different animal altogether. I can rarely get a good sound out of them, which is why I don't utilize them too often. I try to use the same technique Legion pointed out though: without bending the string to change the pitch, lightly "pluck" it with a downward motion as you pull your finger off. It's easy to do on the top E string, but it's a bitch on any other string imo.

Good luck with it, sir.
I´ve gone from not being able to play any legato at all to learning some full satriani songs (that would say getting better :P).

I started with simple trill exercises. like 5h6 with index and middle, then 6h7 with middle and ring, then 7h8 with ring and pinky. doing every of these combinations for 2 mins straight ( no break, although set your metronome to a good tempo ).

Then i moved on to doing scales up and down with hammerons and pull offs. hammerons going from low e to high e and pull offs going from high e to low e.

After doing that for a while i moved on doing chromatics with legato, that would be 5h6h7h8 on every string and when at the high e turn around and to 8p7p6p5 all the way up.

Then i would be doing chromatics and scales again but in sequences. like 5h6h7h8 then next string and do 5h6h7h8p7p6p5 go back on string 8p7p6p5 then do the sequence over on the next string.

Hope that mades sense and helped.
Quote by eatfresh1736
turn the distortion up, so you don't have to pull on the string that hard

Ignore this, if your technique whilst playing clean is poor, it's going to be even worse with a lot of distortion. Just practice your HOs and POs on a clean channel.
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Quote by eatfresh1736
turn the distortion up, so you don't have to pull on the string that hard

All that's doing is covering up bad technique...
Quote by eatfresh1736
turn the distortion up, so you don't have to pull on the string that hard

So I guess you don't play songs with clean tone or on acoustic, cause that's just too hard...