Had to record it as two tracks due to garageband not supporting tempo changes.

Anyway, here, I give you my cover of the Black Sabbath song: Black Sabbath.


Played with my Epiphone Tony Iommi Sig SG and amplitube 3. If you find yourself listening to the paranoid cover directly following Black Sabbath part 1 and 2 I recorded that line in from my line 6 spider 4 amp.

Enjoy, and let me know what you think.
I'm sorry, those vocals just make it unlistenable. The rain at the start was a pretty poor recording as well.
I didn't mind the guitar tone, nothing special but servicable. The mixing wasn't to my tastes, but again wasn't actually bad. But the vocals were truely awful and I couldn't listen to it after they came in.
The playing on the second part was a bit sloppy too, I didn't get to the solo.

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