This is just to satisfy my curiosity more than anything else but I've been under the impression that fingerstyle guitar refers a percussive style of acoustic playing for example stuff by Eric Roche and Thomas Leeb but I'm always seeing it used as a reference to general fingerpicking. I might just be being an idiot and I've probably just picked this up from previous guitar teachers and such, it's probably just a confusion of terms on my part but I'm curious to hear everyone's take on it.
What term do you guys use?
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fingerstyle for fingerstyle

percussive fingerstyle for percussive fingerstyle, which is also fingerstyle
The current craze for all the percussive techniques is just a subset of fingerstyle playing.

"fingerstyle" would just be a catch-all term for any sort of playing without using a pick or plectrum.
"fingerpicking" is often used to indicate folke-type "Travis" or "pattern" picking.

But it's a big tent; lots of jazz musicians play fingerstyle, and of course classical guitar is a highly refined fingerstyle method.
Eric Roche and Thomas Leeb plays fingerstyle guitar, but more excactly percussive fingerstyle guitar. Chet Atkins who is like the grandfather of fingerstyle, the one who developed it from Merle Travis travispicking, did not really play with any percussion elements at all. I don't think it is any real defenition of what fingerstyle guitar is, but according to me it when you play instrumental guitar music (where you incorporate the different musical parts like bass, melody, harmony and such) with your fingers. It doesn't say what genre it is though, it's just a way of approaching the instrument.
Mark Knopfler (of Dire Straits) also plays fingerstyle. The riff on Money for Nothing is all fingers.