After a bit of a hiatus of playing out, I've recently started jamming with a few other musicians. However, I have quickly realized that lugging a full hardshell case on the NYC subway SUCKS! I've just looked into this gigbag. Anyone have hand on experience on it? Any other recommendations for a good gig bag that offers modest protection but is light and easy to carry (backpack type straps would be cool), maybe room for a few pedals etc?
I doubt that epiphone one does much protecting...

see if you can find a PRS SE case, they are hands down the best affordable soft case I have ever seen

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I think your best option to actually go into a local shop, see what they have and what the employees recommend. At the end of the day, a gig bag is a gig bag. No gig bag is going to offer a lot of protection. As long as you get one with some padding, that's really all you need. I've also never seen a gig-bag that didn't at least have a shoulder strap, if not back-pack style straps. That shouldn't be too much of a worry.
i would get that gig bag (can't remember the name) that says it can take like a 10' drop and still be in tune.

i also have a pretty nice roadrunner gig bag, but usually only take a guitar out in a hard case.
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Yeah, that cheap Epi one is the one they usually give you free with the guitar, so I wouldn't go with that; plus, my guitars are worth more than just $15 worth of protection.

IMO, cases aren't something you should skimp on.

Also, I'm personally over gig bags; I'll take the hassle with a hardshell case.
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Body Glove makes a great gig bag, but it costs about as much as a Freedom or Gator hard plastic case. I've got a Fender Jazz 24 bass in one and it really is a lot better than the competition.
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