i currently have a 2 input amp that annoys the hell out of me. i use an mxr fullbore for the majority of my tone. i run that over the clean channel which i use probably 25% of the time. i posted another forum in which it was suggested i just get an a/b which i thot was an awesome idea that will save me alot of money instead of buying a new amp. i want to be able to go from cleans, crunchy (2nd input on my amp), and distortion (mxr on clean channel).

i have a VHT special 6 ultra, my question is (as suggested in another forum of mine), what would it take to mod the amp into a single input, with a footswitchable 2 channel amp? or is it just easier and cheaper to a/b it?
ya, that is pretty much exactly wat im planning to do. the visual is pretty nice too, haha.
it means having an extra cable and that pedal, but even if you managed to mod and have one input on the amp, you would have a wire running to a pedal to switch it, so you dont save wires or pedals... just do the a/b route!
well you can either get a small toggle switch and drill a hole on the front of the amp, and wire it inside like i drew and make your clean the input and the dirty just a dead socket, making it like a normal amp or put the switch into a pedal and have a wire running to it. if you want to switch between clean and dirty witha footswitch you need a wire anyway so it doesnt matter right?