Hey folks,

I currently own an American Strat but I'm thinking of selling it to buy the G5122 by Gretsch. Before anyone jumps down my throat about this, consider a few reasons...

1) I play rhythm guitar in my band and sing. I never do leads or solos and I feel like that's a big part of the stratocaster's sound. While I would like to learn in the future, I'm not sure I ever will.

2) The style I plan to play with the G5122 is more Oasis-y with a slight overdrive while playing chords primarily. I want the guitar to be versatile, in that it can give me nice cleans (Strat does this well too) and different types of sounds.

3) I haven't really played the strat through an amp too much. I have run it through the Deluxe (sold it) and my Acoustasonic and it sounds pretty good. This includes running any type of pedals through it. I also need to get it set up in the near future, as it's sorely lacking a proper one. Am I jumping the gun?

I'd love to hear some helpful responses from you knowledgeable folks on these boards. Thanks!
I think you should hold off a bit until you've played the Strat through a nice amp such as a VOX AC30 or a Roland Cube. Believe me, you can get a Gretsch or a Les Paul sound out of a Strat. However if you're sure you want a new guitar, I recommend just buying another American Strat, but with HSS pickups. I think the humbucker will give you what you need, along with two singles for comfort.
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i personally would take that strat for versatility
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i'm also a +1 for keeping the strat
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I've also been thinking a lot about getting a hollowbody for quite some time. I can't afford the 335, but I figured that this would be a nice alternative to that. I picked up the G5122 today and messed around with it. Great tone on clean.
keep the strat, get an amp.

strats are among the best all-around guitars on the market today, and they excel at the sort of stuff that you just described. from what you`ve written, I don`t think that you have any NEED (beyond some desire) to get the gretsch
I own a 5122. It's great, but the american strat is better made. Personally, I'd keep the strat, as it can most likely give you the sounds you are looking after.

I second the Vox AC30, but the Roland Cube mentionned in the same post is far from being in the same league.
Keep the Strat.

The G5122 is a great guitar, it really is. But, you're wanting it for the wrong reasons. There is nothing inherently "Rhythm" about the G5122, and neither is it as versatile as a Strat (it is somewhat versatile, but I'd recommend dropping in some different pickups for more aggressive styles). Also, playing the Gretsch acoustically does not play to any of the hollowbody's strengths, as it has a poor sounding board, shallow resonance chamber and F-holes (as opposed to the round sound holes). If you want a guitar that you can play acoustically and through an amp, a Acoustic-Electric, not a Hollowbody Electric, is your best choice.

The American Strat, on the other hand, is one of the most versatile guitars on the market, not only in sounds it can make, but upgrades it can accept. Go out and buy a small tube amp and show that Strat some loving.
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Gretsch guitars are awesome. Anybody who says differently hasn't played one. Strats are fine too, but they're like noses, EVERYBODY has one.

Both of those points considered, buy a good amp first, then decide if you want to change up your guitar.

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