bassically, im curious is this is a good deal, or an amazing deal.

theres a guitar store near me selling a gibson les paul custom in black that was made in 08 and is used. it is literally dead mint condition, very few scrathes, nothing at all major and it is completly stock. the case has 2 small nicks on it.

theyre asking 2900$ before taxes. after taxes itd be 3300$

normally they go 3850$ before taxes, 4300$ after taxes.

so is this something i should try and jump on ASAP or will i find a just a good deal later on?
seems like just an okay deal - searching just quickly I ran across several Gibson Les Paul Customs, even in black, for anywhere from 2200 to 3200 new. We are talking about USD, right? Because I am just assuming that is what you're talking about.
oh, sorry, im from canada, but not that big of a difference.

this one stands out to me, because it is really recent, like within the last 3 years and is like dead mint condition. the only way id buy a custom is if its new or almost new like this one. and its like 1000$ less than what id normally pay for it new
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its not really a good deal. firstly, the list price on a new LP custom is at least $300 less than that. on top of that, the guitar really has depreciated more than that. unless they are providing some sort of warranty or other perk with the guitar, its a bit of a steep price (not unreasonable, but definitely towards the top-end of what the guitar should cost). a quick check of some local shop listings turned up a bunch of LP Customs (mostly `57 and `58 reissues) for well under $2500
nothing crazy, how much are customs new these days like 4g's? loacl samash just brought one in for 3800.
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yea im not into the historic reissues, but the les paul custom normally goes for 3800 before taxes in stores new.

I did check ebay since then and there are alot of options out there in a similar or better price range, but I wouldnt be able to try it out, and my current gibson was just one of those duds gibson occasionally put out, I want to be absolutly sure that this one is exactly how I want it before dropping the money.

but if you guys know where i can find one for that kind of deal or better and I can still try before buying then let me know!

the closest shops to me btw are L&M, LA music and The guitar store, where i found the guitar I am posting about (http://www.theguitarshop.ca/features.php?id=766 for those who are curious)

like dont get me wrong, I believe you guys that i could probably get a better deal, but please show me a source, and a way where i can try the exact guitar before buying it. thanks
what city are you in?

BTW, the guitar store is over-pricing most guitars by $200-$400 according to their website (as compared to L&M, AXE and Avenue- here in Edmonton)
well what do you mean by that? ya I noticed the website price is a tad lower than the in store price on somethings but in this case its consistent for both.

and mississauga. not too many guitar stores. mainly L&M LA Music and a couple local stores