Hey guys I was listening to Soundgarden and thought that Black Hole Sun might make a pretty chill reggae song, so I tried it out. Lemme know what you think. Subscribe/like/whatnot please! And if you post a link to your song I'll try my best to give you some comments.

Ooh, you've got a nice voice! It's quite sexy. Black Hole Sun+reggae is definitely weird, but I love that you ran with it--you pulled it off!
Hey dude.

First soundgarden wow haven't heard them for ages, I loved this. Your vocals are perfect, very clear. Great twist with the guitar. It's hard to make criticism, but it would be pointless me posting without some. Maybe the vocals could be a little quieter in the mix but really thats nothing.

Great work mate.

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welll firstly i dig your taste in songs between this and rhcp. i think its cool that you decided to try something totally different and original with this, and while i wasnt really feeling it, its still something i respect. i thought the vocals could have been toned down and the guitar brought up a little louder. i actually wasnt a huge fan of the vocals, but the rest of the people here seemed to be so perhaps its just me. but yeah, overall even if i was just a quick thing i think its really cool that you tried this and it made for an interesting result

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