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If it weren't for the guitar i would probably be into rap and country. I might even be in jail if I didn't have my guitar to take my anger out on. Plus I wouldn't have met my friends or have found this site?

what about you guys?
Indirectly, yes. Directly, not at all.
I would be applying myself more successfully. I would have more money. I would have a better job. If i never started the guitar.

Yes. It's fun, got me into good music, let me meet new friends, makes me significantly cooler, and helps me meet girls.
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I had a dream about your avatar once, so yes of course.

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every time i see that twirling electrode avatar of yours I know that the post is worth reading or the link is worth clicking

id be bored... always
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I'm pretty sure i'd be in jail or dead without guitar.

same here bro sausage
I wouldn't of met my two best friends, a LOT of girls, I'd be bored, and I'd probably be in jail/dead.

Guitar is like 60% of my life. The other 40 is powerlifting.
I play my guitar like I live life; upside-down.

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Yep for sure. I don't think I would have the self confidence in myself without the accomplishment i have from learning it.
I would say that it has changed my tastes aswell
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Like above, takes my ****ing money.

It's always in my mind though. Always thinking of new riffs and new gear I'd like to try.
Barely, if at all.
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Your post was the only bright spot in this disgusting piece of thread.

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I waited for the rape.


...but the rape never came
Absolutely. I was going through a REALLY bad rough patch when I picked up guitar and it has brought significantly more balance and happiness into my life.
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Let me be the first to say no, it has not. Drums on the other hand...
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from most of what im seeing, the guitar makes you a happier person. also it seems like guitar and drums are natural things to go to when your life isnt going to well. its like our minds are built to go straight to music when we're not doing so well.
Oh hell yes. I'd be a tad lost without my guitars.
I want to read your essays and blogs of the artistic nature!

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Definitely. It's changed and developed my taste in music and given me an outlet for my creativity, as well as something constructive to work on in my free time (writing and recording)
It's affected my musical tastes greatly. But it's also made me jaded toward almost everything on the radio, so now people think I'm a music elitist haha.
I probably would've done better in high school, even though I'm doing fairly well right now in university.
I probably would be in a much more intense program/faculty if I never got into guitar.
Hell yeah. Directly and Indirectly.
It has directly affected my taste in music, the gaping hole in my bank account and what I love doing in my spare time.

it has indirectly affected my confidence in front of crowds (I love being a performer), my social life, and my knowledge of the world. Hell, if it wasn't for guitar I wouldn't be on these forums and wouldn't have learned mounds and mounds of useless information.
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Very much so.
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I haven't played since February...but I credit my guiatr for a lot of things.

1: Helped me get to know the guy who I now consider my best friend. We don't see eye to eye on a lot of things and argue more then a maried couple sometimes but thanks to the guitar he recruited me into a band that train wrecked after our first show and our friendship bloomed from there.

2: Speaking of that botched show I met my girlfriend there. While we didn't start dating until 3 months later me playing guitar was a great ice breaker and we just kept talking about all the stuff we had in common and things grew from there...

3: Helped me meet the man who I consider my best mentor and former English. Acting and Creative Writing Teacher oddly enough. He's been playing for god knows how long and with the guitar playing in common we've grown very close. If I ever need advice on something or an honest opinion I can always turn to Mr. E
Have a good one,
it has supplied vast amounts of musical knowledge to my life and allowed me to understand and see beauty in things i could not see before

but also at the same time, its allowed for me to make some pretty goofy ass noises at some opprotune times when others are around

i.e. having a setting specifically on my amp set for marvin gayes lets get it on, though i may only know the intro part it is hilarious to sneak into my basement when one of my friends is trying to nail a chick and play it and suprise them and make the entire rest of the time incredibly awkward, i find it beyond hilarious
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It definitively has. I can't imagine what I would have done instead with all the time I've put into playing the guitar the last couple of years. It probably affected the way I grew as a person as well.
Yes, and not really for the better. I play when I'm in the dumps and practice just whenever. I'm a very sloppy player, and probably ruined high school for me, since most of my time in (and out) of school was directly on music and wanting to accomplish something. Since I'm just known as the guitar guy, yet I'm till a social hermit.

I do not regret ever picking that damn thing up, it's a part of me.

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Yeah, fer sure. I'd be less poor, more sociable, more productive with my time job-wise, less stressed and I'd have twice the amount of free space in my room.
Well I found UG because of it... but I haven't made any friends or anything.
I'm rgrockr and I do not approve of this message.
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