Hi, I play an acoustic guitar currently, but I'd like to be able to play a more psychedelic type sound, maybe like Jefferson Airplane, or The Strawberry Alarm Clock. I don't think just getting pickups for my acoustic would work well, but I can't afford expensive electric guitars either.
Does anyone know what kind of guitar can be acquired cheaply (preferrably well under $1000) to make that kind of psychedelic rock sound, and what kind of effects would help out?
I believe they used hollow body electrics, but most are pretty expensive?

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Gibson's SG was immensely popular with psychedelic bands in the late 1960s. An SG would be a solid choice. You could even paint it in a psychedelic motif:

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definately some sort of Fender. The crappier the pickups the better.

I'm not sure about the second bit.

Anything that will give you a twangy, planky, hollow sound will work. You really have got a lot to choose from.

Teles, Jaguars, Gretsches, Ricks, weird 60s guitars, whatever really.

Effects wise - spring reverb, delay/echo, maybe vibrato/chorus, wah. Anything you want really.

There are certain amps you would probably want to go for as well.
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Get yourself the cheapest mexican strat you can find, try to find one with a maple fretboard. Then spend a bit of money on a replacement neck pickup, and get a crybaby wah wah pedal.
All of this should cost around $600-700 so you should be ok.
I agree with a fender, I'd recommend a strat or a jaguer, most likely a strat. An sg if you want to go for the heavier side of the pyschedelic rock, it has a thicker sound.
Even a semi hollow like a gibson 335 copy would work. I think one of jefferson airplanes guitarists used a 335. So look at epiphone, ibanez, washburn, I believe they all have more or less clones.
Anyway, a fender would definitely be my first choice
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